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Taking his inspiration from his natural habitat of Brooklyn, NYC and everything that comes with it, Regent Street draws heavily from his Jamaican heritage. You can hear it in the unique approach to his footwork/160 bpm production.

Locally, Regent Street has been active with the music scene in NYC and has arrived at a incubation stage in this surging 160bpm scene. He has been able to support touring DJs when they are gigging in New York, such as DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, DJ Earl, Addison Groove and more. Regularly he can be found with the TekLife & Juke Bounce Work crews across the city from Trans-Pecos, Sunnyvale, Rumpus Room, Cameo Art Gallery and the off radar locales for the discovery aficionados.

Currently, Regent Street is preparing his debut EP after hearing how his music affects the dancers and listeners. The title 876 is homage to Jamaica with the telephone area code representing a call back to his roots. Expect, Regent Street to take the footwork sound on a quality expedition.

Regent Street will be in Europe looking for dates between April & June 2017. Contact us to get involved!


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