Primos EP by Regent Street & The Heights

Primos EP - Regent Street

Primos is a collaboration between our own Regent Street and JBW members Los & Scatta (The Heights/Jersey City). The vibes go thru the innovative approach to the dancefloor. We need more link ups between Los, Scatta & Regent. This EP is dope. Thanks to the team at JukeBounceWerk for the release. Cop it and pass it! Peep the preview mix below.

All songs composed by The Heights & Regent Street


  1. Reloaded 03:19
  2. Iron Horse 03:36
  3. Luv Me 2 03:12
  4. Shaqy 03:18
  5. Sound Like Who 04:00
  6. Nightriders 03:39
  7. LoveLost 03:53
  8. Looking For (Bonus) 03:54
  9. Complacent (Bonus) 03:49

Mastering by Carlos Duran
Cover Art by Richard Amezquita

RIP DJ Rashad
released July 14, 2017