Pete Funk DJ Toronto Fire 4 Hire Open Format Shot by Kamar Vickerman

Meet Pete Funk, one of those classic DJs coming out of the Golden Age of today’s popular music, learning how to select and mix vinyl on Technics 1200s and even carry milkcrates full of records. Between that time and now the cycle of music tended to get repetitive, Pete Funk stepped back from regular gigs in the dancehall community for the secure 9 to 5 option. But once you get a taste of DJing the itching to mix never leaves. This left Pete looking for an outlet including a new sound to get behind.

When he heard the drum patterns and basslines of the global sounds that were mixing Dancehall, Soca and R&B vocals with tribal house and electro production. He was hooked and immediately started digging through the digital crates to locate the catalog to smash any locale he was booked in.

Immediately, the high-energy that is just short of ADHD is transferred to the mixing style that allows Pete Funk’s style to shatter the atmosphere of redundant club anthems and takes the experience into deep space. So you don’t have to be in VIP to party with the stars.