Ladies & The Trap Pics • April
Samba Do Mundo • Gregor Salto
Rest In Paradise Frankie Knuckles
Bum Bum… The Remix
Break From Love by GetAtKat

El Serrucho

el serrucho mr. black colombia champeta
So Safari is Colombia. Instead of bringing back stupid keychains, we wanna know what the big hits are right now. This one stuck out and had the clubs going wild whenever “El Serrucho” by Mr. Black El Presidente.

For a little background, Serrucho is translated to a saw. Then to cut off or block someone else makes you El Serrucho. Check out the dance in the video, out here they will cut you!

Ladies & The Trap Pics • April

Ladies & The Trap April

One more month until the 1st year anniversary of Ladies & The Trap. In the meantime, here’s the shots taken by F•Dub. We ran upstairs like it was nobodies business. And we are going to do it again on Friday, May 23rd at Crawford for the epic 1 year anniversary.

To all the members of our expanding family, you know who you are. Much love from your Trapaneurs!

Break From Love by GetAtKat

GetatKat Break From  Love MC Female Toronto

Fresh of another traptastic night, we got info on a new track fro GetAtKat. So necessary for your bass bins. Don’t think GetAtKat is new to this she has been putting in work involved with the Toronto entertainment scene for a minute. Definitely one of those influential folks in the game. Now she hits us with a bumping joint called “Break From Love”.

We get to hear GetAtKat sing, rap and vibe all over this Smoke & Fly produced track. It’s been a while since we reached out to this powerhouse. Check the goodness below!

Bum Bum… The Remix

Timaya has taking his talents to South Beach!! He is accompanied by Sean Paul and Bum Bum. This song has been bubbling outside of the naija scene and I think this might be a break through point. If this is your first time hearing about Timaya you better check the resume.

Nevertheless this one is pure fire! Love it when Caribbean & Continent link up.

Bunnies & The Trap • Fri., Apr. 18

Ladies & The Trap April 18 Crawford Julie Mango Alia Caffeina Pete Funk Safari647

It’s a holiday. Every day is a holiday. Ladies & The Trap Easter weekend Friday we are looking for the baddies to be bunnies. Fire 4 Hire will be trappin all nite making you sweat it out in the sub. As always Julie Mango & Alia Caffeina will be running the trap along with Pete Funk.

One month before celebrating our 1st year anniversary of Ladies & The Trap the vibe is only building itself out of the building. But we like having our team limited to only the best. In the Crawford basement you guys have made this one of the flyest flexes in the city. A bunch of pretty girls and amazing music. Just can’t get that anywhere else.

You gotta come early tho. We love ya, but capacity is a thing. Below are the details.
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Vybz Kartel • Jail Boss

vybz kartel jail boss

No matter what way you look at the Vybz Kartel murder case, this is a blow for dancehall music. Addija Palmer aka Werl Boss aka Vybz Kartel’s lyrics and delivery were leading the pack for the better part of a decade. Now planning to appeal a 35 to Life sentence, the crown is up for debate again.

Who is going to take the lead in the dancehall game?

Samba Do Mundo • Gregor Salto

Gregor Salto is the man, Dutch House to Baile Funk incorporated sounds. Do you hear those samba percussions, laed! He has been on our radar with some amazing tracks for the past 5 years. This video for Samba Do Mundo presented by Fatboy Slim gets you ready to celebrate Brazil’s lifestyle. The World Cup is around the corner and then 2 years we say Olympics. Book a flight and all u need is sunscreen, clothing seems optional.

We just gonna let this one play, loosen up your body and let everything go. Now doesn’t that feel good?